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1.  I wanted to help a specific company, SP Designs of Ukraine, to sell their items online AND to help people who wanted to buy SP Designs items but were leary about buying from overseas to get the items.  I did not have an interest in making money in this endeavor.  Why?  It was never meant to be a job.  Over the years, Sergej (the owner/operator of SP Designs) has developed details that have helped me in my model building.

SAAMMODELS stands for Sergeant At Arms Models.  Yeah, 1 too many M's, but it made the title look better.  I started this "company" back in 1998 with a couple of ideas:

2. I love scale models, especially former Soviet Union designs.  I wanted to help inspire people to build what I like.  I was in the US MIiltary and it is a lot more fun to build a 3 dimensional "opposing forces" vehicle than it is to stare at drawings or pictures.


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