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You can also order direct from Ukraine for any product.  Please see SP Designs main webpage. 

11/19/23:  Fair warning, I have not been keeping up with this website as I have been deep into the time sink that is 3D design.  I have been putting my products on eBay under the seller name jdduquet.  However, I will be redoing the WIX store with a much nicer interface (I hope) over the next month or so (everything takes so much time) and setting up all products on here as well.  I will still do restock on here until then, and I will try to be timely about it.  Thank you for your patience.


4/20/22: Restock is in for SP Designs.  Look for a announcement from SAAMMODELS in the next month for new 3D printed kits coming soon.


2/23/22:  Until further notice, I will not be doing business with anyone in Russia or Bylorussia.


8/8/21:  Restock is in for SP Designs.  SAAMMODELS is now doing 3D printing and designing, so look for new products to come out soon.

7/21/20: Restock and new kits are in.  We are slow getting restock in; we appreciate your patience.

New product include the accurate glacis for the early T-80B and the T-80BV!


4/7/20: All major updates and restock is complete. 


4/6/20: There is new product in the BMP-1 (6 new) and BTR-80 (1 new) pages.  Restock is also updated, so if you have been waiting for a particular kit to come in, it may finally be here.


4/3/20: The website is visibly alive again.  Been a LONG wait, I know.  With the Covid19 outbreak here in the USA, I am finally starting to have time to pay attention to modelling again.  This site will be updated and restock noted soon, so check back often and thank you for your pateince.


1/22/18: USPS postage has gone up SIGNIFICANTLY for non-USA parcels.  Please check the shipping charges, but yes, it really is that expensive now.  Buyers from Europe and Asia may want to purchase from the Ukraine store.




3-10-16:  Now OPEN!  working out the kinks for shipping and ordering, and getting more of the stock up on the pages.  But...we are OPEN.

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