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155 1V14M/1V15M Falcet m1986 command vehicle

155 1V14M/1V15M Falcet m1986 command vehicle

1/35 resin kit of the 1V14M/1V15M Falcet m1986 battery/battalion command vehicle.  This kit can be built into 1 of 2 vehicles, the 1V14M Battery command vehicle or the 1V15M Battalion command vehicle.  These vehicles serve much the same purpose as the vehicles in a US Army COP (Command Operations Post). They were designed to work with the maneuver units being supported by artillery and can relay information between the supported unit and the FDC element, or directly to the gun batteries.  

This kit offers only one turret and the only real difference between the two versions is the pair of extra long-range telescoping antenna on the 1V15M.  Both are armed with a PKT pintle mounted MG.
SKU: 155
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