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159 1V13/1V16 Mashina m1980 battery/battalion FDC

159 1V13/1V16 Mashina m1980 battery/battalion FDC

1/35 resin kit of the 1V13/1V16 Mashina m1980 battery/battalion fire direction center vehicle.  This kit can be built into1of 2 vehicles, the 1V13 m1980, a battery firing control vehicle, or the 1V16 m1980 Battalion fire control vehicle. These vehicles serve much the same purpose as the vehicles in a US Army FDC (Fire Direction Center). They were designed to work with PRP-3/4/4M/5 vehicles for Forward Observation, with the Zoopark-1 artillery Radar, and with firing batteries using the 2S1 Gvozdika, the 2S3 Akacija, the 2S19 Msta-S, and various other towed artillery and mortars in the current Red Army.

This kit offers two turrets, one for the 1V13 and one for the 1V16.  Both are armed with a pintle mounted DsHK heavy Machine Gun, provided in the kit.
SKU: 159
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