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M2A4 Light Tank Turret and Details

M2A4 Light Tank Turret and Details


SAAMMODELS 3D Printed accurate M2A4 US Light Tank turret and details.  This set can be used to make a more accurate M2A4 tank from the MMK conversion kit in 1/35 scale.  This set includes a newly designed turret with some interior wall detail, a seperate front turret plate, a mantlet with MG and main gun, a accurate turret hatch, left and right exhausts and air filters, air filter tubing to the rear deck, M2A4 specific tools for the fenders, left and right side sponson bars, new non-armor (early) fuel caps, and new front lights.


Gray parts in photos are kit parts.  Hull in photos is only for illustration, it is NOT in the kit. 


There are several options with this kit, please specify when ordering:

- Turret can have open or closed viewing ports

- Turret hatch can have an open or closed port

- Mantlet can come with the 37mm main gun and .30 cal coax printed with it, or as separate pieces


The MMK kit this was intended to work with was based on Academy's M3 Stuart "Honey" kit 13270, so it is unknown if these parts will work with kits from other manufacturers.


This item is PRINT TO ORDER and may take 1-3 extra days before shipping.

SKU: 35004-1
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