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273 TOS-1 m1999 Tamiya T-72 conversion

273 TOS-1 m1999 Tamiya T-72 conversion

TOS-1 m1999 (also called TOS-1M) Heavy Flamethrower system conversion for TAMIYA / Hobbycraft / Trumpeter T-72 kits.  This will make the FIRST TOS-1 system, built on T-72A chassis and utilizing a launcher with 30 220mm tubes, that had a production run of 4 vehicles.  The rockets have several warheads available to them, with the most devastating being thermobaric (fuel - air explosive). These 4 vehicles received their first combat experience in 1988-89 in the Panshir Valley of Afghanistan with the Soviet Army.  In 1999 they were used in Grozny by the Russian Army.  Though they have been superseded by the newer 24 tube launcher TOS-1A, they are still in active service.  The Burratino (Pinocchio), as they are nicknamed, were kept secret until they were shown at an OMSK arms show in 1999.
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